Meet Jabu

Jabu calls his work "Transformative Art" because he chooses themes and subject matter that inspire social change. He focuses on creating beauty and balance while bringing attention to causes he is deeply passionate about.y stories.


Transformative Artist

‘Jabu is a South African artist who has exhibited worldwide. Brought up in the Apartheid era, Jabuuses his art to transcend his experience of growing up in an unfriendly world to create his own world instead—one that embodies positivity and interconnectivity, made all the more vibrant by diverse colors and unified activism.

Building from his deep African roots, Jabu infuses the abstract with the pedestrian, the real with the hopeful, the political with the environmental. With an urban and contemporary touch, he uses timeless materials, from mixed media to oil and maple wood to polished aluminum to bring a truly unique voice to the mainstream, creating a growing demand for his live events, signature style, and fresh perspective.

Nelson Mandela Freedom Series

The legacy of Nelson Mandela motivates the human spirit. Jabu started this series as his contribution to that great legacy. Mandela’s message was, and still is, a global one. Mandela had a profound effect on Jabu growing up as a young man in South Africa and his selfless great spirit motivated young people to join in the fight to liberate themselves from the shackles of apartheid. His courage and bravery helped light the fire in Jabu to fight for global freedom and peace in a non-violent and inspiring way.

Transformative Food Series

Jabu’s two greatest teachers, nature and Nelson Mandela, have taught him to embrace the interconnectedness of all things—and nothing else brings him closer to that sentiment than a respectful and transformative relationship to food. In South Africa food is a part of one’s roots. Though it is sometimes sparse, home-grown food is common and homecooked meals are a rich tradition.

Wildlife Series

Growing up in South Africa, Jabu loved wildlife and nature reserves. He enjoyed seeing the animals roam free while his own freedom was limited. As the safety and existence of free-roaming wildlife has become more urgently threatened, Jabu created the “Wildlife Series” to promote the protection of endangered species. His work captures the wonder and regal majesty of at-risk wildlife as an artivist’s call to action in supporting non-profit environmental causes that make progressive protection efforts possible.

“My commander has left us, and the world, with an amazing legacy of dignity, humanity,
equality and most of all, freedom. I am honored to create works of art that continue to
preserve Mandela’s highest legacy.”


“I prepare my meals with fresh, locally-grown crop and home-raised livestock, mostly from
farmer’s markets or my own backyard. The dishes I prepare incorporate different colors of
vegetables and spices, making me feel like each dish is a work of art. This Transformative
Food series allows me to combine two of my passions, cooking and painting. And most
importantly, it allows me to break bread with friends and family to foster greater community


“Your work: Nuanced by color, variable degrees on depth perception, fluid color, and
textures of abstract space, all of the paintings exhibit strength in the use of color and
technique to express mood, emotion and milieu. With paint as the purveyor of vision, all of
the paintings achieve poignancy through a unique perspective that is evident throughout
the body of work. Resolute in style and perspective, I feel that the work will resonate well in
New York and with our international audience."

Artist Spectrum Magazine