Jabu at WOLRDZ Conference

Thank you Worldz for creating an amazing experience for us! I have had so many magical moments with humble Titans like Deepak Chopra his talk about higher consciousness and who we are is mind blowing! I was moved by Connie Nielsen (Wonder Woman) when she spoke about her commitment to “Human Needs Project” Worldz for me is where all humans regardless of any boundaries begin to connect and solve problems that face us all on this planet.

Jordan Vernik and Sebastian Terry thank you my Metal brothers (Ken Rutkowski) for advocating for me to be a part of this community! For those of you who couldn’t come this year I encourage you to attend next year.

In the coming days I will be working on a portrait of Deepak Chopra. I have a lot of other interesting things happening following the meeting with Will I.A.M…. I think the images I took on day 2 will give you a taste of the experience at